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We work with Referrals involving them in recovery plans and continuing care for our clients.

Information for Referring Physicians, Clinicians, Court Advocates, Probation Officers and Correctional Professionals.

Because addiction and related disorders are bio-psychosocial in nature and require a multidisciplinary treatment approach, our program considers individual needs based on age, gender, life controlling situation, clinical diagnosis and substances used. We do not solely address just one aspect of addiction; our program promotes balance in all aspects of life. We actively engage clients toward mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing. 

We offer programs ranging from 6 months to an extended period of stay. Emphasis is centered on individual addiction treatment plans and on implementing relapse prevention tools that clients gain while at PBSH. 

Individual Treatment Plans include the following but not limited to: 
  • Immediate intake without Detoxification and medical/psychiatric stabilization
  • 24/7 Supportive care and recovery intervention
  • Client engagement/motivation enhancement
  • Comprehensive recovery education
  • Individual case management focusing on application of recovery skills and practices
  • Multi-level group therapy structured to meet clients at their level of readiness
  • Intensive 12-Step facilitation therapy
  • Daily self-care responsibilities and mutual support accountability
  • Integration skill accountability
  • Thorough relapse prevention planning
  • Core issues and family work groups
  • Integrated management of co-occurring mental health issues and psychiatric medication management
  • Family program and family involvement throughout recovery process
  • Comprehensive transition planning, follow-up and aftercare groups
  • Nationwide Alumni Network & Regional Support Groups
Services for Families 
Since individual treatment and recovery outcomes are better when families participate, PBSH believes in support and education for the entire family. The Family Program focuses on educating families about addiction and how it affects relationships. Participants learn how to take care of themselves, establish healthy boundaries and begin their own recovery. 

Spiritual Care 
Each individual's spiritual development is different. At PBSH, clients learn how to develop an understanding and connection or re-connection to their spirituality, allowing them to make positive changes and move toward a fulfilling life long recovery. 

Continuum of Care
Before patients depart PBSH, the manager prepares an appropriate continuing care plan with the goal of connecting clients to appropriate levels of care, therapy and supportive living situations. This is particularly important to the court system and licensed health care as well as other professionals with whom PBSH works. Where appropriate, PBSH involves referring professionals in this process. PBSH also maintains case management follow-up for one year following completion of program.

Our Professional Network: 
An important aspect to our continuing care approach exists in our ability to effectively connect patients to addiction and mental health professionals who are available to assist our clients as needed. Our team frequently updates referring professionals on client status as well as involving them in the preparation of client recovery plans and management of continuing care. 

The Professional Network builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships in local communities across the country while improving recovery outcomes for clients and families. If you offer continuing care services or have a practice and are interested in being a resource, please contact Pompano Beginners Sober House.

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